Sharing resources: the OLD way and the RIGHT way

Once upon a time computer networking and the ability to share resources (files, printers, internet connections) across the room or across the state was only available to big companies with big budgets. The smaller one and two man shops were stuck with floppy disks.

Today, installing a network that allows you to access what you need from wherever you are is affordable and within easy reach of companies big and small. Sadly, many small business owners still aren’t able to take advantage of technology because they’re too busy doing what they’re good at. You don’t have the time to setup and maintain a computer network. It’s the job of companies like deejtech solutions to bring technology to you in a way that allows you to stay focused on what you do.

We can build you an office network that allows you and each of your employees to access your data from anywhere: from your desk, from your home, from your hotel. Even better: we can design that network with safety features so that no matter what happens to any computer on the network, your critical data is safely backed up and ready to go.

In the time you spend in a day saving files to a flash drive and walking (or driving) that data to where it needs to go, we can have your network equipment ordered and your install date set. Call us right now!

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